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Evonne Ryan, AIF® CFC-I®, CEP®

Evonne Ryan


Evonne Ryan is founder of Finer Center.  Her dedication to helping people expand their base of knowledge around financial issues comes from her history as an educator, consumer advocate, Emmy-award winning television producer and her extensive work in the financial industry.

In her 25+ years of service as a highly respected Financial Securities Advisor and work as a Securities Principal, Evonne always felt that something was missing from the typical financial conversations.  She knew there should be more to the relationship between advisor and client than just helping a person decide how to invest his money or how to create her tax shelter.  She knew that people – in order to make powerful choices about their money – should first, come to understand their relationship to money and wealth and second, have the tools to powerfully create the future they want to live into before they decide how to invest, how to save, and even how to earn their living.

George Garklavs worked for the US Geological Survey in the Water Resources Division for 28 years. His work as a hydrogeologic engineer included service as a field engineer, Reports Specialist and District Chief for the Minnesota District – where he served as the chief representative of the USGS for the State of Minnesota from 1992 until he retired in 2004.

After retirement, George returned to Colorado. His long-abiding interest in education brought him to the Federal Employee Benefits Center where he brings his extensive experience with the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) to his role as a workshop presenter. George’s level of expertise, combined with his ability to present complex concepts in a manner that allows for an enjoyable learning experience has provided federal employees a service they have deeply appreciate – as evidenced by the high praise George receives on workshop evaluations.

Michael Hartmann

Michael Hartmann

Financial Analyst, CPA.          Finer Center Co-Founder

Michael Hartmann graduated with a Master’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Denver in 1987. He began his career at Price Waterhouse as an international tax consultant and then honed his financial analysis skill as a foreign currency risk consultant with Atlantic Richfield.

An award-winning asset manager, Mike has the distinction of being the Silver Medal Wagner Award Winner for “Excellence in Research in Active Asset Management” in 2012 and also 1997 Asset Manager of the Year by Moni Research. He was featured on the cover of Wealth Magazine’s May 1998 issue. Mike is dedicated to providing financial education, demonstrated through his work as a Retirement Income Planning Instructor in the University of Denver Adult Education Program. Mike has been active in the personal financial services field since 1994, including the ownership of two investment advisory firms, an accounting firm and a mortgage origination firm. He also worked as a programmer and consultant on the development of numerous financial software products for the financial services industry.

Michelle Gershfeld

Michelle Gershfeld

Attorney, Accredited Financial Counselor

Michelle Gershfeld began her legal career at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley and McCloy, LLP, in 1989, as a litigator and negotiator. She then joined David Kittay’s law firm, first in Manhattan and then in Westchester County and found her niche specializing in bankruptcy law. In 1998, Michelle became a partner at Kittay & Gershfeld, P.C., and has been the firm’s managing partner since 2000. She has represented bankruptcy trustees and clients in more than 20,000 cases. Michelle is an active member of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education, the nationally recognized leader in financial counseling and education.

Lori Hanneman

Lori Hanneman

Scheduling and Workshop Coordinator




Lori Hannemann comes from a long history of administrative positions, assisting organizations and businesses in developing a code of excellence in their work with their clients and business associates. As an Executive Secretary at Pulte Mortgage, Lori supported the VP of Human Resources and the VP of International Sales for over 5 years. Previous to Pulte, Lori worked at Caremark/Coram Healthcare for 5 years supporting many managers (Branch, District and the Senior VP of Human Resources) and the office as a whole.

Lori’s background filled a great need at Finer Center and Federal Employee Benefits Center as she takes charge of working with Government Agencies in scheduling workshops, scheduling and coordinating our busy presentation schedule and scheduling the appointments for people who attend our workshops. Lori is the persistent, but friendly voice that helps us and our clients remember their meetings.

Ray Ianacone

Concierge Services Coordinator

Ray Ianacone has graciously consented to add his time and energy to help clients as Finer Center’s Concierge Support Team Coordinator. With a long history of work in the field of education along with extensive experience owning and running a successful P & C Agency in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Ray brings a unique set of skills to Finer Center.