Michael Hartmann

Michael Hartmann

Financial Analyst, Advisor


Michael Hartmann graduated with a Master’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Denver in 1987. He began his career at Price Waterhouse as an international tax consultant and then honed his financial analysis skill as a foreign currency risk consultant with Atlantic Richfield. An award-winning asset manager, Mike has the distinction of being the Silver Medal Wagner Award Winner for “Excellence in Research in Active Asset Management” in 2012. He was also named 1997 Asset Manager of the Year by Moni Research and was featured on the cover of Wealth Magazine, May 1998.  Mike’s dedication to providing education is demonstrated in his work as a Retirement Income Planning Instructor in the University of Denver Adult Education Program. Mike has been active in the personal financial services field since 1994, including the ownership of two investment advisory firms, an accounting firm and a mortgage origination firm. He also worked as a programmer and consultant on the development of various financial software products for the financial services industry.

The combination of software development skills and analytical accounting training has allowed him to develop sophisticated algorithms and the software needed to use them. His main interest has been developing market-predictive models that strive to be both innovative and effective in their accuracy. His expertise in this area helps us to adjust the TSP SafetyNET system resulting in both protection and optimization. With his tools he helps people from all walks of life make the most of their money, through innovative investment management programs and services usually reserved for the privileged elite.

He has held an active CPA license since 1989 and has been a licensed Series 7 stockbroker, a Series 3 commodities broker and a Series 24 Securities Industry Principal, as well as a licensed life insurance agent.